5 RV Tips to Make the Best of Bad Weather

Planning the perfect vacation in your new or used RV takes a lot of forethought, planning, and reservations, but one thing you can’t control or reserve is the weather. Mother Nature plays her own game, but unexpected rainy days don’t have to mean game over. Check out our RV tips below for making the best of bad weather!

RV Tips

Indoor Options

Your camping trip may be about enjoying the great outdoors, but if you’re driven inside, you might as well make it count. Scout local options when you’re making your campground reservations and look for activities that can serve as fantastic backup plans in case of weather – like an aquarium or indoor jump park.

RV Tips

Rainy Day Features

We keep a “Rainy Day Box” packed for camping trip days when the clouds just won’t let up! A 17-quart storage tub stashes fun entertainment options that only come out on rainy days. Grab a couple of cooperative board games – where everyone works and wins together – and stash it in there.

RV Tips

You’ll find a 17-quart tub fits nicely in your RV’s exterior pass-through storage. We also keep special Rainy Day Recipes on hand that only get to be used if it’s pouring down rain. Rather than dread a rainy day, give your kids – and yourself! – something to look forward to.

RV Tips

Stay Entertained

Several of our new and used RVs for sale have multiple entertainment options! Besides the primary entertainment center you’ll find in the living room, many of our units also feature Master bedroom and bunkhouse TVs – so everyone can retreat to their personal space and enjoy what they want to watch. Ask us for some recommendations on which RVs have the entertainment options your family will love!

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One More Chapter

Fewer people than ever are reading books…but rainy days are perfect for turning that around! Pre-load several titles of your favorite books or a classic you’ve never read onto a tablet or device before hitting the road – or the audiobook version! Then cozy up with a great read when the rain comes down.

RV Tips

Staying Safe

It might go without saying, but often severe weather can cause children (and even some adults) to experience anxiety. When you arrive at the campground, scout out their recommended storm shelter and park your RV nearby if possible in case you need to relocate. Having a portable NOAA weather radio on hand will help you monitor weather updates. Most of all, staying calm and positive will help your family members be at peace – as well as maintain their own positive attitudes even when the weather is messing up plans. After all, your attitude is the only thing you really can control when the weather is doing what it wants!

RV Tips

Traveling in a new or used RV that has the amenities you want and need can help you make the most of rainy days. Contact us today! We can help you pick out the perfect RV that will make any vacation – in any weather – fun and memorable!

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