7 Good Reasons to Get an RV

Recreational vehicle (RV) travel has recently gained a lot of popularity, particularly during COVID-19 times. The freedom of the open road, being the captain of your own RV, and the opportunity to explore the scenic roads and national parks are all the rage amongst the newer generation.

There are a few reasons why RVs are so popular and might be the best purchase you make for your sanity and your family vacations.

RV Travel Is Much Cheaper

The attractive part of RV travel is how inexpensive it is! You don’t have to worry about hotels, airfare, or regular dine-in at restaurants either. However, you would still need to pay for gas and insurance. There is an added expense of RV park fees and buying the RV itself, but the RV purchase is a one-time investment for you to enjoy for the rest of your life.

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While hotels cost hundreds of dollars, you could get an overnight stay at an RV Park between $35 to $50, it could vary slightly for spots that are more in demand. You could enjoy parking by the beach, under a palm tree, and chill on a hammock while sipping on a cocktail. If that doesn’t sound like a dream vacation, we don’t know what does!

Flexible Vacationing

If you are not a fan of being tied to a schedule, RV is the answer for you. You can have one of the most flexible vacations possible. You have complete freedom to do as you wish and change routes on a whim which you can definitely not do by bullying the pilot of an airplane. If you want to spend longer than planned in a spot, you can easily do so without having to change flights and hotel reservations.

You could also make use of long-term stay offers available at most parks. Just make sure to get a site that has access to electricity, water, and sewer to have a comfortable stay.

Carry Everything You Need

Everything you ever need can go with you. No worries about baggage limits or lugging around heavy bags. Books you want to read, your comfortable pillow, your child’s favorite video game or board game, and all the snacks your heart desires. You can bring a little piece of home with you to keep you comfortable wherever you go.

However, while packing always keep in mind the cargo capacity of your RV. Going overboard could be a safety hazard and cause damage to your tires, axles, and brake. Always make sure to stay within the capacity recommended by the manufacturer.

Connect With Nature

As lovely as it is to hear the owls hooting and the crickets chirping while you snuggle in your tent, it is a little too close to the wild and nerve-wracking for many. Traveling in an RV gives you the opportunity to be close to nature yet sleep peacefully.

Close to Loved Ones and Pets

A family vacation on a 5th Wheel Camper is ideal. Not only do you save a lot of money on hotels and meals, but the children also get to run around and have fun in the campgrounds and bond with each other and parents while on the road. While choosing a campground, research well and choose one with bonfires, pools, playgrounds, and more!

Social Distancing During the Pandemic

Traveling has definitely been a struggle, if not impossible during the pandemic and we are all tired of being cooped up but we need to be responsible and stay safe. RV travel helps you travel while having control over your surrounding and hygiene. You can eat, cook, sleep, shower in your own space, and not have to rely on public restrooms or hotels frequented by many others. While heading out for your adventure, stock up on sanitizers, disinfectants, and all other essentials to protect your family against COVID-19.

Practice a Minimalist Lifestyle

Marie Kondo had been all the rage for her guide to de-cluttering and many of us followed her to practice a more minimalist lifestyle but never quite succeeded at it. While traveling in an RV, you are forced to make some tough decisions and decide what is truly important to you and leave everything else behind. Eventually, you will realize that the memories you make along the trip are much more precious than any other valuable possessions.

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