Best Fifth Wheel RVs at Open Roads RV Woodstock and White, GA

Fifth wheel trailers offer a host of reasons to own them over motor coaches and conventional hitched trailers. Open Roads RV has a large selection of these easy to maneuver, roaming homes on wheels. With three convenient Georgia locations in Woodstock, North Cartersville and Acworth, Open Roads RV can help you make your fifth wheel dreams come true.

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Why a Fifth Wheel?

The name fifth wheel comes from the horse and buggy days. The carriage, which was secured to the horses, actually had a horizontal wheel, which allowed a movable front axle to pivot, making the carriage more maneuverable.

That same idea is implemented in fifth wheel trailers, although without a horizontal wheel. Today’s fifth wheels use a hitch positioned over a pickup truck’s rear axle. This allows the trailer to be easily pulled and easily maneuvered, two very favorable reasons why fifth wheels are so popular.

Another reason is the hitch mechanism is generally safer than traditional bumper-mounted hitches. The hitch is heavier duty than a simple bumper hitch. Similar to semi-trucks that move large loads, a fifth wheel hitch trailer is secured by a king-pin, allowing for safer travel.

Open Roads RV large selection of fifth wheel trailers enables you to discover first-hand why fifth wheel trailers are the “way to go” when it comes to best bang for your buck in travel trailers.

We carry fifth wheels from Vanleigh, Heartland, Forest Ridge and Winnebago.

Luxury Fifth Wheels from Vanleigh

From Vanleigh, which only manufacture fifth wheels, we stock their Beacon, Pinecrest and Vilano models.

Although the Pinecrest is Vanleigh’s budget fifth wheel, there is nothing that speaks cheap in this fifth wheel. Large Franklin Luxury furniture, residential size, stainless steel refrigerator and kitchen island adorn this true home away from home.

Vanleigh’s Vilano is luxurious without the high price. Models from 34 to 42 feet, Vilano can be had with three sofas, a 55” TV, king size bed and a top and bottom washer and dryer. Gorgeous real wood cabinetry and rich trim make the Vilano an easy choice.

The Beacon also ranges in lengths from 34 feet to over 42 feet. It features full body paint, a fully equipped kitchen with loads of counter space and a 70” x 80” King Cool Gel Memory Foam mattress. With all the comforts of home, you’ll never want to leave the Beacon.

Heartland Fifth Wheels: Big Country and Elkridge

From Heartland, we carry Big Country and Elkridge.

Big Country strikes a balance between luxury and practicality. In lengths from 35 feet to 42 feet, rich wood crown accents, a fully equipped kitchen with a three-burner cooktop, conventional oven, microwave and a large stainless steel refrigerator, and a king size bed, Big Country is more home than home.

Heartland’s Elkridge is a masterpiece of luxury and style. Heartland thought of all the details to make Elkridge its top-line fifth wheel. A large, sliding door shower, huge wardrobe closets, and a den-like living area bring the best of home on the road.

Forest River Rockwood Fifth Wheel

The Forest River Rockwood fifth wheel trailers keep owners of half-ton pickup trucks in mind. Lightweight materials are used but never at the expense of style or function. Lengths are pretty constant in the 35’ to 36’ range. Wood door refrigerator, a step-up bedroom and an available fireplace are just some of the reasons the Rockwood fifth wheel is an affordable fifth wheel.

Minnie and Micro Minnie from Winnebago

Last but not least, from Winnebago, we have their fifth wheel Minnie and Micro Minnie. These Winnebago models are reasonably priced. The Micro Minnie comes in at 26 feet 9 inches in length and is a cinch to pull by most midsize trucks. The Minnie sizes span from a little over 27 feet up to nearly 34 feet. Both feature amenities that are budget oriented as well as functional.

Find Your Fifth Wheel at Open Roads RV

Whether your fifth wheel dreams are luxurious or need to follow a budget, the fifth wheel selection at Open Roads RV will fit any dream. See us at our three convenient Georgia locations in Woodstock, North Cartersville, and Acworth to view the beauty that fifth wheels bring to RVing.

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