Helping you take on the Open Road

Are you looking to buy an RV? Well, come on down to Acworth or White, GA, and let us help connect you to the motorhome of your dreams. We deal in new and used Class A, Class B, and Class C motorized RVs, as well as fifth wheels, toy haulers, and travel trailers.

We’re brand-aware but agnostic, so you know our advice is meant to help us build a connection with you, not some manufacturer. To us, the day you drive off in one of our RVs is the day our relationship begins, not the day it ends. We want you to think of us as synonymous with everything “RV”; whether it’s buying, selling, servicing, repairing, recovering, financing, or trading. Because when it comes to motorhomes, we literally do it all.

Helping you make the right choice

Buying/Selling assistance

When you step into a lot to take a look at your options, we understand it can get quite overwhelming. Make, years, manufacturers, features, and that’s just to start off. When you start thinking about the places you intend to take the RV, the kind of terrain you’ll be facing, mileage, travel capacity, sleep capacity, and the like; that’s when things get really complicated. And we haven’t even gotten to whether you want to go towable or motorized yet. That’s a lot of stuff to process!

Meanwhile, used RVs are a different ball game altogether, especially for people who’re new to RVs and haven’t owned one before. Mold, exterior damage, pipes and plumbing conditions, maintenance history; these are all factors you need to assess and subsequently consider. But the fact still stands; how could a new buyer possibly know even what to assess, let alone how to go about assessment? There’s no way.

We know, and that’s why we have a very “loose-fitting” approach to customer service. Our representatives don’t have quotas to meet, and they’re not rushing to get you to buy. They just have all the information you could need, from detailed specification charts to operational and service manuals, and they’ve got years of experience to boot. They’re supposed to make this information, and their expertise, available to you so that you can make the most informed decision possible after considering your needs. Because to us, transparency is the backbone of good, quality customer service, and aggressive sales tactics can only serve to undermine that.

Before you buy we want you to know, so that after buying you don’t regret not knowing sooner. It’s really that simple. But that doesn’t mean we’re only helping people buy. If you’re in the market to sell your RV, we have an extensive appraisal and consignment plan just for you. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your vehicle or tow-along and put a price tag on it considering its condition, amenities, history of ownership, and other factors. Beyond that, it’s just a question of leaving your vehicle in our lot and waiting for the right customer to walk by.

Helping you keep your choice right

Maintenance & Repair

We’ve already talked about how many moving parts there are to consider when it comes to RVs, and how difficult it is, as a layman, to keep track of all of them. Keeping your RV up to scratch is as crucial to getting the most bang for your buck as buying the right model is, and we’re here with you every step of the way. We have several service packages for both Motorized and Towable RVs that include furnace repair and servicing, collision repair, propane repair, plumbing repair, interior refurbishing, winterizing, electronics replacement and installation, and more. We pride ourselves in being able to provide truly “Complete” RV sales and servicing; our goal is to ensure you have a pleasant journey regardless of where you go, or when you go there.

If you’re in the market for an RV; whether it’s buying, selling, or servicing, we’re your people. But don’t take our word for it. Drop by either of our locations in Acworth or White, GA and see for yourself. We’ll get you set up in no time so that you can get to conquering the open road!

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