2020 Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler at Open Roads RV in White and Woodstock, GA

2020 Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler - Open Roads Complete RV

Toy Haulers have evolved from the days of being just a box with a ramp door in the rear. Hauling your quad-runners, motorcycles, and bicycles has never been easier. These adaptable “garages on wheels” have morphed into a trailer type all their own. Manufacturers have evolved as well, creating collapsible furniture and innovative cabinetry designs. These changes combine the best of travel trailers and toy haulers into a hybrid type of vehicle that is both highly livable and useful for hauling your toys.


The 2020 Heartland Cyclone line of toy haulers, available at Georgia’s Open Roads Complete RV, has been upgraded from their 2019 versions and they look spectacular! The length of these fifth wheel toy haulers ranges from just over 39 feet to a stately 44 feet. And the space for your toys, or your “garage”, starts at 12.5 feet and goes all the way up to a whopping 20-foot-long space. Your neighbors, both at home and on the road, will be stunned by such a colossal and classy RV.


2020 Heartland Cyclone Interior

There is simply no way to overstate the amazing beauty of these 2020 Cyclone toy haulers from Heartland. With eight different floor plans to choose from, these layouts are both elegant and efficient. And the quality of the furnishings and more-than-generous cabinetry space is remarkable. The couches and chairs are comfortably overstuffed, so the luxury you enjoy at home can go on the road with you. And most models offer a warm and cozy fireplace for snuggling on those nights when it’s too cold outside for a fire.

Cooking Convenience

Heartland Cyclone Kitchen

The well-designed galley has all the comforts of home as well. With designer cabinets hiding spring-loaded hinges, a conventional oven along with a convection microwave oven, and a kitchen island with a back-lit fascia, no home chef will be left wanting more. These masterfully crafted kitchens contain all the necessary culinary tools they need to create fine dining on the road.

Speaking of kitchens, most Cyclone models also have an outside kitchen for added cooking convenience, not to mention keeping the clean up on the outside.


The outside is as beautiful as the inside. The Cyclone comes in four dazzling color options: Black, Burgundy, Blue, and Orange.

Cozy Class

2020 Heartland Cyclone Bedroom

Cyclone bedrooms feature a spacious King bed. And most models offer a tilt option to make TV watching or reading in bed as comfortable and luxurious as home. To always have the outdoor clothes you need, ample wardrobe space has also been designed into the Cyclone’s bedrooms.


If your new Cyclone Toy Hauler ever needs servicing, our service centers in North Cartersville and Acworth can conveniently handle any maintenance and warranty issues that arise. That’s why Open Roads Complete RV can fulfill any of your RV needs!

Find Your New 2020 Cyclone Toy Hauler at Open Roads RV in White and Woodstock, GA

If you want to see this luxurious fifth wheel for yourself, you don’t have far to travel. With a well-stocked inventory, you’re sure to find your new Cyclone Toy Hauler at Open Roads Complete RV in Woodstock and White, GA!

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