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There’s something unmistakably cool about all things vintage — vintage clothing, vintage cars, vintage furniture, and yes, vintage RVs. We’ve all noticed their clunky-cute silhouettes, banging color schemes (think turquoise or pink), panoramic windows, and interiors that could take you back to sweeter times. However, there’s one major problem with true vintage campers — they’re vintage.

Purchasing a truly old school camper means you may miss out on some of today’s coolest features. But at Open Roads RV, we’re proud to offer brand-new retro/vintage-style RVs that will have you looking and traveling ‘to the max’! Let’s take a closer look at the new retro/vintage trend and how you can get your paws on your own. Do you copy?

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Here’s the Skinny on Vintage Cruisers…Catch My Drift?

Since the early 1930s, Americans have discovered the joy of the open road in RVs, and we’d argue that for just as long, there’s been an interest in that old-fashioned style. But unless you have all time and money required to invest in restoring a true vintage RV, you probably won’t see yourself behind the wheel of one any time soon.

You’d need to make various structural restorations and update the exterior, and that’s before you talk about mechanical issues, such as engine or suspension. And when you get to the interior, it’s basically a gut job.

Instead of pouring your life savings and then some into restoring an RV from 1960, consider the growing number of manufacturers who are offering retro-style or vintage-style RVs. These stylish RVs include all of today’s cutting-edge amenities with a healthy dose of retro infused throughout. And when we look at the market for retro/vintage RVs, the Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser is dy-no-mite!

Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser Takes Retro to the Max in a Funkadelic Way!

The Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser allows you to enjoy the fun of the 50s with today’s innovative technology. These RVs are offered in several different models, so the experts at Open Roads RV can help you find the best Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser for you. While the options may vary, one thing is certain — upon entry you’ll be immediately whisked back in time.

You may even be inspired to find the best Golden Oldies station on your state-of-the-art satellite radio or entertainment system. It’s decorated with colorful, cheery, and bright upholstery uniquely engineered to last. Best of all, you can own all this nostalgia without having to break the bank. Now that should inspire good vibes.

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The good old days aren’t gone forever—they’re waiting for you in a vintage style RV from Open Roads. Let our experts match you to the perfect retro style RV for you. We regularly stock all 12 floor plans of the stylish Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser as well as other vintage-style models.

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