RV Tips: Cold-Weather Camping Gear & Gift Ideas

Are you heading out on a cool-weather camping trip in your new or used RV? Your packing list will probably look a little different this time of year. Here are some cold-weather camping gear suggestions that are a must-have. Or, consider them as gift ideas for the RVer in your life! No affiliate links here – just awesome gear we love and you will, too!

Space Heater

Many of our new and used RVs come equipped with a fireplace in the living room – and that’s definitely one of our favorite features! But if your RV doesn’t have a fireplace, a portable space heater can do wonders in warming a small space very quickly. Or, you can use it in the Master bedroom to help make things cozy before heading to bed!

Cold-Weather Camping Gear

Instant Pot

Did you hop on the Instant Pot bandwagon in the last few years? If not, now’s the time. Instant Pots make quick work (dare we say…instant) of just about any recipe. A total must-have for soups and stews, rice, pasta, or anything else you’d like to enjoy without dirtying every single dish to make it. If you’ve already got an Instant Pot at home, consider springing for a smaller, travel-size one for your RV.

Cold-Weather Camping Gear

Skylight Cover

Skylights are amazing features in RVs and serve as great conduits of natural light (or great views of the night sky!). If you want to be a little extra energy-conscious, consider getting a skylight cover to fasten over – at least during the night, anyway.

Cold-Weather Camping Gear

Reusable Handwarmers

Reusable handwarmers are one of my family’s favorite cool-weather camping items! Give the metal piece on the inside a little bendy snap, and let the handwarmer react and start heating itself. It stays warm for quite awhile, and it’s an easy process to “reset” it and get it ready to go again.

Cold-Weather Camping Gear

With the right gear, camping in any weather is fun and rewarding. Keeping your RV in road-ready condition and prepared to travel in any climate or temperature. Contact us to schedule some RV service today!

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