RV Tips for Camping with Toddlers and Babies

If you’re a parent of littles, start their love for camping earlier in a new or used RV! If you’re a seasoned traveler, you might need to adjust some of your preparation and planning, but with a little bit of mindfulness, you can help your little ones love camping as much as you do. Here are some RV tips for camping with toddlers and babies!

RV Tips

Safety First, Second, and Third

Babyproofing tips for your RV will look a lot like what you already do at home: utilizing outlet covers, baby gates, and latches on drawers and cupboards. Keep in mind that since toddlers are curious little munchkins, there may be an increased desire to explore in your RV. After all, it may be “home” on the road, but it doesn’t look or feel like what they’re used to! Keep your little one out of harm’s way by keeping all gear that does or could pose a safety hazard out of their way. Stow gear like cleaning supplies, fishing gear, your first aid kit, etc. safely in the exterior pass-through storage of your RV.

RV Tips

One common standard feature to look for when shopping for a new or used RV is the safety package! Ask us to recommend something that suits your needs and includes the essentials – like a fire extinguisher, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, and other safety features like a rear backup camera prep and electronic braking system. And also check the seatbelt accommodations in our motorhomes for sale to make sure there’s enough for everyone and can accommodate any car seat needs you have.

Camping-Friendly Baby Gear

Now’s the time to take inventory of your gear and replace or update it with camping-friendly options. Let’s face it, a regular stroller or punkin seat are not conducive to an afternoon out on the trails. But switch for a 3-wheeled, off-road stroller or a baby carrier that looks like a backpack, and everyone will be a lot more comfortable! Toddlers will enjoy pull-behind bike trailers to ride in, too.

RV Tips

And since baby gear like these suggestions do take up space, it might be time to consider upgrading to one of our toy haulers for sale. The rear garage gives you plenty of extra space to pack your essentials, and often the ramp door can convert into an enclosed patio system. Just ask us for some of the kid-friendly options!

Stick to Your Routine

If you use any kind of routine with your kiddos at home, it’s really in everyone’s best interest to try to keep something similar while camping. Naptime and snacks are some of those routines that provide a sense of security for little ones, and disruptions can really turn out miserably for everyone. Work around naptime by scheduling your daytime excursions accordingly, and pack along snacks when you head for an outing. Keep in mind that overstimulating and overextending your toddler can more easily happen in new places, so reduce your expectations from the outset.

RV Tips

The best way to instill a love for camping in your kids is to start them early, and having the right new or used RV is the ticket to helping you enjoy a low-stress vacation. Contact us today!

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