Scouting Out The Best Campsites in White and Woodstock, GA

When planning your wilderness adventure, we can all agree that location is everything. If you’re going to spend time stockpiling gear, coordinating with friends, and collecting materials, why not choose the best destination for your camping trip? There is a multitude of iconic outdoor adventures for you to embark on in Georgia. From clouded mountain peaks to captivating isle beaches, natural beauty exists without limits in this corridor of the United States. Let’s scout out some of Georgia’s premier camping destinations for your next big trip!

Open Roads RV is committed to providing top quality service on your RV or camper. If you’re looking to enrich your experiences in Georgia’s beautiful backcountry, stop by to one of our locations and scope out our world-class RVs for your upcoming journey. Keep reading below for our take on two of Georgia’s best campsites.


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Cloudland Canyon Commands the Serene

Nestled in the forests of Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Canyon offers breathtaking vistas of Georgia’s seasonal greenery. Your Winnebago RV will be comfortably based on the forest floor, keeping you insulated from the chilly nights while offering front-door access to picturesque woodland wonders. Find your way through the state park and you’ll even come across a waterfall tucked away in the forests. Cloudland Canyon is most definitely a destination of its own.

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The Coastal Bliss of Tybee Island

Are you the type of camper that prefers waterfront access? The sun-kissed sands of Tybee Island will not disappoint! On Tybee Island, you’ll find expansive beachfront’s, palms and grasses peppered throughout pockets of the coastline; and most of all, a sunset that captivates the skyline before diving into the ocean. Skip out on the rental and drive your Heartland RV out to the island for the immediate and earnest experience of primitive life on the Georgian shores. This is not to miss!

Picking Up Your RV Won’t Be A Trek

Much like our expansive state of Georgia, Open Roads RV boasts the same opportunity for any frontiersman in search of their new outdoor vehicle. We have three prime dealerships across the state! Each of our locations boasts an extensive inventory of RV and Campers that will assuredly align with your travel needs. If you continue to resort to the outdoors weekend after weekend, our vehicles will surely benefit you! They are made to take on any natural terrain.

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The state of Georgia offers natural excursions in abundance for any kind of outdoor weekender. The rocky plateaus of Cloudland Canyon and the glistening beaches of Tybee Island are only a few of the signature destinations within state lines. Who knows what you’ll find in your travels throughout Georgia?

Open Roads RV maintains a vast catalog of RV and Campers for any outdoor adventure. And we’re all across Georgia! Browse our inventory online and find us in Acworth, White, or Woodstock to scout out your premier camping vehicle. We can assure that you’ll be experiencing a new side of nature to the fullest.

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