Top 5 Class C RVs

Class C RVs are some of the most popular motorhomes available in the market. In terms of size, these are a hybrid between Class B and Class A motorhomes. You can easily tell that an RV is a Class C one by its over-the-cab sleeping area that increases the available space.

Typical Features of Class C RVs

Well-kept Class C RVs for sale do not stay on the market for long. Motorhome lovers quickly scoop up Class Cs because of the practicality they offer. People who enjoy going for proper road trips prefer Class C RVs since they have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, storage, and slide-out.

Let’s dive into our top 5 Class C motorhomes.

1. Thor Motor Coach Delano Sprinter 24FB

The Delano Sprinter 24FB is one of the finest Class C RVs you can buy. However, quality always comes at a price. Owners of this motorhome get a bedroom with bunk beds, a front living room, center kitchen, full bathroom in addition to a rear bath, and a slide-out.

It is powered by the 6-cylinder turbocharged Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter engine mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. This motorhome has a stable and smooth drive with minimal body roll because of the aluminum and fiberglass build.

The RV boasts a modern and sleek design that makes it stand out among other class C RVs.

2. Thor Motor Coach Delano 24FB

People who want some style and functionality in a smaller form factor should take a look at the Thor Motor Coach Delano 24FB. This motorhome offers one set of bunk beds, a front living room, a full bathroom, an additional rear bath, and a slide-out.

Under the hood, you get a Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter engine packing six cylinders. The motorhome is made of aluminum and fiberglass to help increase structural rigidity and keep the weight low. Additionally, this allows the motorhome to use lesser fuel and accelerate better than others in its class.

3. Thor Motor Coach Quantum LH26

Thor’s Motor Coach Quantum LH26 is one of our top picks for 2021. This motorhome comes with a floorplan that meets all your needs, including a sizeable rear bedroom, a front living room, and a full bathroom. Additionally, you get one rear bath and a slide-out.

Eight people can comfortably sleep in the motorhome, and it has all the standard features like air conditioning that you can expect in 2021.

The Ford engine that powers this Class C RV is good enough to get you from Point A to B with a 350 HP output mated to an automatic gearbox and a 4×2 drivetrain.

4. Thor Motor Coach Quantum LC22

The LC22 is an excellent option for those who don’t want to shell out the premium for an LH26. However, with the lower price tag, you do sacrifice some options. You get the same engine as the LH26, a front living room, a center kitchen, a full bathroom, and an additional rear bath. However, you lose out on the slide-out and extra storage options in this variant.

For its price, the LC22 delivers luxury and the driving pleasure you would expect from any other motorhome. Most people would opt for this motorhome when considering Class C RVs since it has all the functionality they would need.

5. Thor Motor Coach Quantum GS27

Part of Thor Motor Coach’s 2022 lineup, the Quantum GS27 is among the best Class C RVs. It offers excellent value for money and follows a modern design language for the interior and exterior.

This motorhome offers a rear bedroom, front living room, full bathroom, rear bath, and slide-out. It has the same Ford engine as the LC22 and the LH26. However, it offers space for ten people to sleep at a time.

People who like traveling with their friends and families would love this RV because of how well Thor Motor Coach has equipped it. This model comes standard with the following:

  • Refrigerator
  • 1800-watt inverter
  • 2-burner gas stove
  • Microwave oven
  • Siphon RV holding jacks
  • Automatic leveling jacks with touch controls
  • Exterior 32” TV with a soundbar
  • Heated mirrors with side-view cameras

There’s plenty of technology packed inside this motorhome, so it is a consideration for anyone who needs tech in an RV.

While all the above models have these features as standard, the Quantum GS27 is among the more affordable options. It is impressive what this RV offers in terms of value for money.

Which RV Should You Buy?

Ultimately, choosing the right RV depends on your needs. While some people might need some power features, others prefer saving a few dollars and going for a manual option. All the Class C RVs for sale on open roads are an excellent option, and the choice comes down to your budget and the features you value. Rest assured, you will have a great time going on vacation with your loved ones in any of these motorhomes.

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