Top-of-the-Line Class A RVs

Class A RVs offer everything that you could have ever imagined in a motorhome. Most people who cannot differentiate between RVs generally picture Class A RVs due to their popularity in movies and shows depicting upscale lives. Frequent travelers and people who take long road trips can benefit from these motorhomes and their additional comforts.

Common Features

Most Class A RVs have features that differentiate them from B and C class offerings. Major bands commonly use these on tours and movie crews since they offer everything in one place.

Due to their larger size and weight, Class A RVs are more stable while driving, therefore offering greater comfort. Additionally, they come with larger rooms and a full-sized refrigerator, plenty of storage, a master bedroom, and a washer and dryer in premium variants.

These RVs are perfect for large groups of people and long road trips. Below, we will talk about some of the best Class A motorhomes for sale.


Thor Motor Coach Aria 3401

Among the many incredible RVs the company makes, Thor Motor Coach’s Aria 3401 is one of its finest models. With a 100-gallon tank, you will be set for a long journey in this Class A motorhome.

The Freightliner 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine packs 800 ft-lb of torque to get this mammoth up and running after a stop. In terms of freshwater capacity, this RV stores up to 91 gallons. You get all the features you would expect from such a high-end vehicle.

This Class A RV easily accommodates eight people and offers additional creature comforts such as a porcelain toilet and four TVs. Rooms in this motorhome include:

  • A rear bedroom
  • Front living room
  • Center kitchen
  • One full bath and a center bath
  • Two slide-outs

Most people who need a good Class A RV would be more than happy with this model.


Fleetwood Excursion 35B

Some people might prefer an older Class A RV over a new Class C. For such people, the 2014 Fleetwood Excursion is one of the finest used Class A motorhomes for sale we have.

This motorhome offers terrific value because it is cheaper than many new Class C models while providing more comfort. The Freightliner 6-cylinder diesel engine is mated to an automatic transmission. However, expect to fuel up more often in this Class A RV because of the smaller fuel tank. You might also take longer to get up to speed on the highway due to the lower torque figures the engine produces.

However, people buy Class A RVs for their functionality rather than the driving pleasure. This model offers:

  • A rear bedroom
  • Front living room
  • Center kitchen
  • A full bath and a center bath
  • Two slide-outs

Additionally, you get 88 gallons of water storage to last you for the duration of your trip. This RV has the sleeping capacity to accommodate six people along with most other standard features such as air conditioning.

The flooring is a combination of carpet and vinyl in this motorhome. In the kitchen, you get an oven and a three-burner stove running off a 28.2-gallon propane tank. There is also a full-sized refrigerator that runs on propane or electricity.

Older Class A RVs come with lesser technology, so you find only one Sony TV here. The appliances are also older, so they are less efficient compared to a modern RV.


Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

The 2022 Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS is a Class A motorhome running a Ford 8-cylinder engine to generate 350 HP and 468 ft-lb of torque.

In this motorhome, you get a 100-gallon freshwater tank for cooking and washing throughout your journey. Speaking of cooking, you can use the 2408-gallon propane tank for cooking to feed everyone in the RV. If the ten people who you can easily accommodate cannot eat all the food, you can store it in the full-size refrigerator for later consumption.

There are three televisions in this RV to keep you entertained while you’re out on the road and an interior speaker. You can find an exterior speaker on the RV to bast tunes on when you are enjoying by a campfire at night. Another quality-of-life feature in this RV is the porcelain toilets versus the plastic ones most Class C RVs have.

You can find the following features in this RV:

  • Two bunk beds
  • Center bedroom
  • Front living room
  • Center kitchen
  • Two full baths
  • Two slide-outs

For the price, this is one of the best value Class A motorhomes for sale that we have.

Choosing the Best One

Motorhome purchases are high-involvement decisions that are highly specific to your needs. We cannot claim that one motorhome is the best, considering how many variables are involved. However, at Open Roads, we have a large selection of Class A RVs available that would suit multiple needs.

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