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If you’re considering trading in your RV, putting it up for sale, or even purchasing a new RV; you’re probably wondering “How much is my RV worth?” Although the question is pretty simple, the answer can seem complicated considering the number of factors that may affect the value of your RV.

Fortunately, Open Roads RV offers a quick, easy, and streamlined way for you to learn the value of your camper or recreational vehicle. Getting started is simple! Tell us about your RV. Then, if you have actual images, make sure to include them and we’ll throw in an extra $100. Get started now and complete our streamlined RV valuation form:

What Are Your RV Trade-in Values Based on?

At Open Roads, all of our RV trade-in values are based on Black Book values — the same valuation used by lenders and dealers throughout the United States. Since 1955, Black Book has created a robust inventory of up-to-date vehicle values based on the most recent sales of similar vehicles.

What Factors Can Affect the Value of My RV?

There are a range of different factors that can affect the value of your recreational vehicle or camper. Some of the most prevalent considerations and factors can include:

  • Lower mileage RVs will typically demand a higher value than a higher mileage RV.
  • The make, model, and year of your vehicle can impact its trade-in value.
  • Newer, better-equipped, higher-rated models will command a higher price than an older, lower-rated RV.
  • Clean vehicles that have not been smoked in will earn you a higher value in comparison to a clean vehicle that has been smoked in.
  • The size of your RV matters. Larger RVs will usually be valued higher than smaller RVs.
  • RVs in better condition will be valued higher than RVs in not-so-good condition.
  • Everything under the hood of your RV can impact its value.

The Value of Your Recreational Vehicle Can Change with the Seasons

Unlike cars, trucks, and SUVs, the value of your RV can change based on the time of the year you’re looking to sell or buy. It’s important to keep in mind that RV season is usually in the summer — when families have the time to hit the road and buyers have camping in mind. So, if you sell your RV in the fall — when camping season has slowed and the kids are back in school — you may notice your RV value takes a dip.

Don’t Forget the Extras on Your Camper or RV

You remember that state-of-the-art satellite TV system you installed? Make sure you include it on your valuation because it can increase the value. All improvements and premium features can significantly increase how much it’s worth. Some of the most common RV improvements and enhancements include:

  • Solar panels
  • Satellite TV capability
  • Tankless water heater
  • Flat Panel TV
  • Upgraded audio systems
  • And more

However, it’s not realistic for you to expect to earn as much as you put into the enhancements. In either case, these upgrades do have value.

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