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When it comes to choosing the best RV for you and your family, you have no shortage of options. No matter which RV brand and model you end up selecting, make sure to consider the outstanding benefits of purchasing a VanLeigh RV from Open Roads.
At Open Roads RV, we are proud to offer several VanLeigh models, including the Beacon, Pinecrest, and Vilano. The experienced team at any Open Roads RV location will explain each model and connect your needs and desires to the best one. Fortunately, all VanLeigh RVs share a few exceptional benefits and attributes in common.
Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider a VanLeigh RV for sale in Woodstock, Greater Atlanta and North Cartersville areas. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a test drive, don’t hesitate to contact Open Roads RVs today.

VanLeigh RVs — It’s a Family Affair

While the industry is undoubtedly dominated by large corporate brand names, VanLeigh motorhomes is the result of the hard work and the strength of a family. Every element of VanLeigh motorhomes is designed with the purpose of bringing those you love closer together. Today, the company is managed and owned by the three generations of Tiffins:
The father, Co-Owner, and Chairman of VanLeigh is Bob Tiffin — also the founder of Tiffin Motorhomes in 1972,
The son, Co-Owner, and Vice President is Van Tiffin
The grandson, Co-Owner, and General Manager is Leigh Tiffin.
As one of the last remaining family-owned and operated companies in the industry, you’ll enjoy the superb Tiffin Legacy for Customers Life.

Exceptional Quality Is Always the First and Most Important Component

There are several components and parts infused into every VanLeigh motorhome, but quality is the most important one. Extra time is meticulously taken to ensure every VanLeigh RV is manufactured with utmost attention to detail. Instead of working to meet massive quota targets, their approach is quality over quantity.

Around-the-Clock Support & Excellent Customer Service

At VanLeigh, everything revolves around you and your satisfaction. For starters, you’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that no matter where you go, you’ll have 24-hour, direct-access to customer support. And you can rest assured that the feedback you provide is critical. In fact, the manufacturer incorporates direct customer feedback into the unit design for improvements.

Real Wood Cabinets Crafted by Hand

When you walk into a VanLeigh motorhome, your eyes are unmistakably attracted to its beautiful cabinetry. These cabinets exude quality, which is exactly what the manufacturers wanted. Every cabinet is carefully crafted from real wood by hand in their massive 70,000 square foot cabinet shop. This way, you can always feel like you’re at home.

Three-Stage Quality Inspections Prior to Delivery

Prior to any motorhome leaving the VanLeigh facility, it must pass a rigorous series of quality inspections. For starters, several different quality inspections are performed as the unit passes along the assembly line — prior to it receiving the holistic inspection at the end.
Because longevity and reliability are both vital, a positive pressure test is utilized to ensure leak prevention. To make sure every component performs as intended, each RV is taken on a simulated camping trip in a designated Inspection Campground. And the last inspection occurs prior to every coach being shipped to Open Roads.

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If you’re not familiar with the VanLeigh brand name, now is the perfect time to visit Open Roads RV to learn why these units are among the best.
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