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Class A RV

At Open Roads Complete RV, we understand that there is often a learning curve when someone decides they are ready for their first RV. Fear not! We are here to help.

Class A RVs, or motorhomes, are the largest RVs available. These RVs are large in size and are typically very box-like in shape. The word motorhome is true when describing a Class A RV, in that it is very large—large enough to be considered a home to many.

Take a look at what’s included in a Class A RV to see if it’s right for you, then visit Open Roads Complete RV in Acworth, White, or Woodstock to take a look at our inventory!

Class A RV – A House on Wheels

Due to the size of the nearly 50 foot long RV, up to 10 people can sleep in these RVs. These RVs come with master bedrooms, couches, and kitchen tables. Bunk beds and pullout couches are often available as well, making room for so many to sleep. This “house on wheels” has everything a house would, a kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes even a shower!

Investments and Costs of a Class A RV

Most Class RV owners agree that a Class A RV is an investment that pays for itself over time, adding up the money saved on hotels and rental cars. Another truth in the world of RVs is that many times Class A RV owners previously owned Class B, even Class C motorhomes, and found that it was best to upgrade their RV as they fell in love with the opportunity to travel so efficiently. The level of luxury and detail that this class offers is unparalleled.

Is a Class A RV Right for Me?

If you love to travel and like your space, or are traveling with a family or a few friends, a Class A RV will absolutely be your best choice. If you tend to stay at one location for an extended period of time, then travel a far distance to another location, you will immediately love the space and luxury that Class A RVs provide.

Due to the large scale, gas mileage can be a concern, but for many, the purpose of a Class A RV isn’t to travel and drive every day, but to make trips with longer stays in between drives. Typically, the gas mileage is only 8-10 miles per gallon. Class A motorhomes can be nearly 50 feet long, so they are often seen at long term campgrounds where full time RV’ers set up camp for longer periods of time.

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No matter what you decide, Open Roads Complete RV is here to help. We have a great selection of new and used Classes of RVs, and we are sure that we have one that fits your wants and needs perfectly. Give us a call today at 770-975-8400, we look forward to the chance of earning your business!

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