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Class B RV

When researching RVs, it’s important to understand the differences between the three main classes: A, B, and C.
A, the largest, B, the smallest, and C, is a combination of both. Many consider the Class B RV to be an oversized van that is tall enough for most people to stand up in. There aren’t technically sectioned off rooms, like a family room, living room, and kitchen. These areas do exist, but they are relatively small.
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Features of Class B RV’s

Class B RVs, unlike Class A and C, do not have motorized slide-out mechanisms that enlarge the RV when parked. They are also much easier to drive and much less expensive than the other class RVs. Also, saving the fuel economy is much better in class B than in the other classes.
Class B RVs are modified to fit a sleeper bed inside the RV, as well as other amenities like a stove top and microwave. Many first time RV buyers consider a Class B RV due to the easy drive it provides. Fitting into tight parking spaces is a breeze with this vehicle, and maneuvering around tight campsite turns is much easier in a Class B than a Class C.

Is a Class B RV Right for Me?

There are a few questions you must ask yourself before deciding what class of RV is right for you. First, do you plan on staying at each campsite for a short period of time or a longer period? If traveling for a month and staying at 2 different places for 2 weeks each, a Class A might be best for you since you won’t be driving too much, which is great because maneuvering a Class A RV can be very difficult at times. If you are the opposite, and are traveling for a month, only staying at a campsite for a few days and plan on seeing dozens of campsites, then a class B would be best for you, since you will enjoy the added comfort of being able to travel with great fuel economy and without worrying about maneuvering in those tight parking spaces.
If you plan to travel with others, whether family members or friends, a larger RV will benefit you. Most agree that a Class B Motorhome is suitable for a family of 4 with two smaller children, however, 4 adults in a Class B is a little tight.

Consider Driving Styles When Shopping for RVs

It’s important to understand that driving an RV takes practice and patience. The larger the RV, the more practice it may take to get used to. Most feel that driving a Class C RV is no different than driving a van or pickup truck, so make sure that you and your partner are both comfortable driving.

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