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At Open Roads Complete RV, we see a lot of travel enthusiasts weighing the pros and cons of travel trailers versus other forms of motorhomes. We see that most often the Winnebago Travel Trailer comes out on top. Discover the benefits and features of the Winnebago Travel Trailer so you can make an informed travel trailer buying decision.

Winnebago Travel Trailers are more Cost Efficient

When looking at the cost of a motorhome versus a Winnebago Travel Trailer, the motorhome will hurt your bank account a little more.

Winnebago Travel TrailerNot only is the upfront cost much less in the travel trailer, but maintenance costs are also only a fraction of what the maintenance costs are for a mobile home. Everyone knows and agrees that as vehicles age, they require more and more money to keep them running. This is also true for mobile homes. Since the Winnebago Travel Trailer is less expensive upfront, you are left with room in your budget to get that new truck you need to tow the Travel Trailer. Once you are at a point in which you feel the need for a new truck, you can trade in your old truck and its plug and play with the same Winnebago Travel Trailer.

Convenience – Winnebago Travel Trailers vs Competition

The convenience of a Winnebago Travel Trailer cannot be beaten by the competition. Gassing up and maneuvering a large mobile home can be difficult, which is why so many Travel Trailer owners opt to just take their truck up to the gas station and fuel up.

Another time you will be happy you went with the convenience of the Winnebago Travel Trailer is when you need to run out for that extra errand. Once your Winnebago Travel Trailer has found its spot for the day, week, or month, you can detach your truck and run errands around whatever town you are in. Need to run out and grab something from the corner store? Lots of times there isn’t parking and room for the large mobile home, so being able to detach your truck and make a quick trip is important to all Travel Trailer owners.

Fuel Economy of Winnebago Travel Trailers vs Mobile Homes

A Class C Motorhome gets around 15 miles per gallon. A truck pulling a Travel Trailer often gets about the same, however, when the truck detaches from the Travel Trailer it can get nearly 25 miles per gallon! Keep in mind that gas prices often climb during the summer travel months, so the Travel Trailer can end up saving you time and money at the pump.

Find the Winnebago Travel Trailer at Open Roads Complete RV

At Open Roads Complete RV, we understand that purchasing an RV is a large investment that takes knowledge and understanding of your wants and needs. If you are ready to compare travel trailers and motor homes, we’d love to help. Take a look at our travel trailer inventory online to compare RVs and Trailers in Atlanta.
We have three convenient locations in Georgia in White, Woodstock, and Acworth. Visit us or give us a call at 770-975-8400, we look forward to answering any questions that you have!

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