Find the Perfect Toy Hauler

Depending on the manufacturer and brand, a toy hauler can either be towed as a travel trailer or as a fifth wheel. The open garage space available at the back of the rig makes toy haulers unique. The RV’s back … Continued

7 Good Reasons to Get an RV

Recreational vehicle (RV) travel has recently gained a lot of popularity, particularly during COVID-19 times. The freedom of the open road, being the captain of your own RV, and the opportunity to explore the scenic roads and national parks are … Continued

Top-of-the-Line Class A RVs

Class A RVs offer everything that you could have ever imagined in a motorhome. Most people who cannot differentiate between RVs generally picture Class A RVs due to their popularity in movies and shows depicting upscale lives. Frequent travelers and … Continued

Top 5 Class C RVs

Class C RVs are some of the most popular motorhomes available in the market. In terms of size, these are a hybrid between Class B and Class A motorhomes. You can easily tell that an RV is a Class C … Continued

JeepFest Open Roads RV Show

Your browser does not support the video tag. Celebrating it’s 10th Year anniversary, JeepFest is back in Marble Hill. Started by Sheriff Donnie Craig and the Pickens Sheriff’s Office, JeepFest is a yearly event to assist in providing food, clothing, … Continued

Winnebagos at Open Roads Complete RV

Open Roads was one of the first RV dealers in Georgia to carry the Winnebago travel trailers. Founded in 1958 Winnebago has been unmatched in quality and customer service through out the industry. Since 2010 Winnebago towable has been a … Continued