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Bearing Pack Service Jasper, GA

Pack wheel bearings on a trailer, RV or camper are key to maintaining the health and stability of your wheels and axle. Routine bearing pack service prevents total failure—making it a vital part of your RV’s care schedule.

Read on to learn more about who should consider bearing pack service, what it includes and where to find bearing pack service in Jasper, GA.

Who Needs Bearing Pack Service?

Bearing pack service in Jasper, GA is available for campers, trailers and true RVs. It’s best to take your rig to a service professional to repack wheel bearings to avoid malfunction or user error.

When Should Bearing Pack Service Happen?

Your manual should have frequency recommendations for bearing pack service. On average, you’ll want to consider service every 10,000 miles.

What’s Included In Bearing Pack Service?

When you hire us to repack wheel bearings, you can expect…

  • A courtesy brake inspection and adjustment as needed
  • Inspected, cleaned and repacked bearings
  • Verified break-a-way switch capacity & brake light functionality verification

Ready To Learn More?

Connect with us online or in-store to inquire about professional bearing pack service support from the experts at OpenRoads RV. It’s our pleasure to serve you.